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Who We Are

Our company Gigar Trading and Technical Center which in short known as GTTC is a company established in 1990 and is legally registered.
With more than two decades of experience in business, Gigar Trading and Technical Center is widely known for the import and distribution of different brand new quality garage equipment tool, power products, lubrication materials like fuel and one dispenser and other products.

Today GTTC has about employees all in all and its enjoying a stable and lasting growth for with a continuum of highly qualified management staff of foresight and rational imagination, who had the courage to change the course at key points along the way that the company could remain competitive and continuous to be one of the leading companies in the Ethiopian Technical industry along with its involvement in community development services.


We have a passion for the business and for the brand
     -    We think and act like owners at all times
     -    We work and win in teams across the business
     -    Accountability is clear and personal
     -    We are humble but confident in all we do
     -    Safety quality, the environment and communities are integral to our working lives


     -    Our customers are at the center of all our actions
     -    Our customers ‘love’ for our brand grows as they purchase our quality products
     -    Our employees are highly engaged and proud to work for us
     -    Our communities welcome us as an integral part of their lives


Our company is committed to developing and maintaining an integral Occupational Health and safety, environment and quality management system

We will

Meet all applicable regulatory and legislative requirements related to safety, occupational health environment and penalty.
-    Import and distribute products that meet and exceed our advertising claims
-    Create and sustain a SAFE working environment for our employees
-    Handle incidents in a manner that protects. Our customers, as well as the image and the trademark of the company.

Customer Service

Gigar Trading and Technical Center’s business philosophy and practice of no compromise on quality and rendering comprehensive customer service has given us a reputable name. Gigar Trading and Technical center fulfils and satisfies demands by providing high quality products and assembly with well trained and experienced technicians that also give an excellent maintenance and after sales services.

Government organizations, academic institutions, private companies, Hotels, are some of our major customers. We have established excellent relationships and our commitment is reflected in three major areas like reducing energy consumption, cost and time and conducive atmosphere.

Up to the standard Product supply

Over the past few years we supplied and installed the products to the above customers and other Ethiopian markets with which we established excellent business relationships. The strong link and excellent relationships that we have developed through time with our customers and suppliers have made us to be one of the leading companies in Ethiopia. We represent and have close business relations with the following highly professional companies in the US, Europe and other courtiers.

Reliable service

In addition to our considerable low price and durability of products, we offer attractive credit facilities to our local customers with two year warranty for most of the products, Tire grams and spare parts. 
Our technology advanced products are unsurpassed for reliability and quality and make us the first choice for professionals and customers.

GIGAR Trading & Technical Center.